Support a Family in need!

Hello Friends. There are many families out there that are in need, living week to week and hoping for enough food and money to get by. For these families, every week is a struggle, but the holidays are even moreso. Every parent wants to be able to buy presents for their children, to surprise them with a gift.

But when money is tight and it comes down to buying dinner or buying a present, dinner will win, every time. You can help. Adopt a family in your neighbourhood, school, or church. You can help them anonymously and leave groceries on their front stoop, or you can help them personally and take them shopping or ask them what is on their “wish list” for the holiday season. Adopt a family in need, and treat them as your own family for the duration of the holidays.


The family that you touch with this kindness will never forget you. Your kindness will be retold time and again to their children and grandchildren. If you have your own children, this is a meaningful act to do with them while also teaching them the meaning of generosity and kindness.

Step It Up:

Adopt a family for the whole year, and not just the holidays. At the start of the school year help provide new clothes and school supplies for the children. Help one or both parents find work if they need it. Offer to watch the kids for free. Invite the family to dinner.

Keep It Simple:

Purchase a gift card to a local grocery store or shopping center and leave it with the family in need.

To support any project of your choice send your money to:

  • Empower And Care Organization through, United Bank for Africa ( Uganda ), 
  • Bank Swift codes CITIUS33 or SCBLUS33XXX,  
  • Account Number: UGX 0364000670 and USD 0313000126, 
  • Beneficiary Address: P.O BOX 2784 KAMPALA-MUKONO UGANDA,TEL: +256 774 310 393,
  • Email: