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EACO Bee Keeping Farm in Mukono, Uganda. you can join the team

EACO has empowered rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support to help them get off the poverty trap.
We are so happy for this project, you can also join us for phase 2 where we want to purchase the items that will be used while harvesting. Volunteers can also join to train, students can join the team
Anyone can help!
Farm work

Are you interested in working with animals, Bees?
By special arrangement you might be able to join our farm team. We have a dedicated Monday to Friday group who support the farmer and new opportunities occasionally arise.
Do you have green fingers and like to work outside in a beautiful setting? Or maybe you’re just keen to join in and learn.
We currently have a gardening club. Tasks include weeding, planting and maintaining the market garden, and so on
Are you interested in joining our bee team? An enthusiasm for bees and honey production and a regular commitment is all you need. The bee team do valuable work for the bees as well as for us…
Learn how to maintain the hives on the farm – we give full training.