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Empower and Care Organization (EACO) was founded in 2004 at the community level and was registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2006 (registration number MG/2006/10/294). EACO was established to address the limited educational and economic opportunities that exist for vulnerable groups of women and children in Mukono County. EACO’s vision is that, by implementing activities that provide these opportunities, it will contribute to the reduction of poverty and HIV/AIDS in the Mukono community.

At EACO, we have a belief that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another

EACO’s mission is to reduce poverty and HIV/AIDS through the creation of economic empowerment and educational opportunities and support for disadvantaged groups of people. EACO’s activities are targeted toward vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly. EACO believes that effective and sustainable development comes through empowerment programmes, where vulnerable members of the community are given the skills, motivation and support to improve their lives and communities.

1. To stimulate, promote, and support economic activities in rural communities that improve quality of life for disadvantaged and marginalized persons;
2. To make clean water accessible within 1 kilometer for 100% of the people in rural Mukono District by constructing fresh water wells.
3. To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS/TB and mitigate its effects;
4. To improve agricultural production by making necessary resources available;
5. To build and strengthen the capacity of community groups in order to improve upon management and planning at the local level;
6. To build and strengthen strategic partnerships to maximize and effect change; and
7. To mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government, and donors so as to implement community programs.

The activities that EACO does include;

1) HIV/AIDS/TB prevention / mitigation and awareness campaign through availing necessary information to the general public by conducting HIV/AIDS seminars, sensitization and workshops on malaria and other diseases.
2) Given that we directly work we HIV/AIDS families, communities who are vulnerable to TB, EACO does TB projects through awareness, prevention and treatment.

3) Women development enterprises, here women collaborate with other needy women to foster their own development through setting up different income generating activities that would help to enhance their capability in development.
4) We work with and to support people with Disabilities through a set of different activities like advocating for their rights and concerns, emphasizing working together/ no discrimination among this group of people as other people neglect them.
5) Eradication of Extreme poverty and hunger. This has been done through setting up different income generating activities that would help to improve the conditions of the poor people. We have also started to implement a policy on right to food in order to fight hunger. This is done through provision of seeds to peasants that would help them both to earn a living and use at home as food.
6) Promote gender equality and empowerment of women. This is done through advocating for their rights towards participation in Economic –social development of their localities.
7) We support orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCS) through availing them support and care, access to education which is free. We put much emphasis on the girl child right to education. The organization supports and gives care to over 300 orphans and other vulnerable children.
8) We help, support and care for the Aged. This is among the most neglected group by most development agencies, government and people. This group is not recognized yet its group that helps those in development to stay on the truck through availing ideas as advises. They are abused, neglected, and denied right to participate in development and also in pension giving. Therefore, we advocate for their rights and concerns through creating them income –generation Activities, Shelter development, Food and right to receive pension and development.
9) Health improvement .This is done through to safe and clean water, improved sanitation, fighting of malnutrition ,reduction of child mortality, maternal improved health ,and access to good treatment most especially for those with HIV AIDS, malaria and Tuberculosis.
10) Child welfare .EACO advocates for the concern and rights of children through access to care, protection against molesters\ abusers, stopping child trafficking, stopping child labour and giving them, support in all aspects of life / human rights.

EACO’s key principles on and approach to community development and prevent TB
• The vision and philosophy of EACO is based on the belief that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.
• We believe that the first priority is that people should have a sustainable life. However, almost equally important is that an individual’s life should have meaning and that they should develop independence. This is being achieved through care then empowerment and support. But we need to get infrastructure to give our communities clean water and latrines to stop the spread of disease. It’s really only then we can bring education so that our people understand the overwhelming benefit to them. With improved health comes the ability to be employable to generate income and escape from poverty.

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