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copy-cropped-logo.pngWe are a non-profit Community Charity Organization run by Ugandans. EACO was founded in 2004 and is registered since 2006 (No. MG/2006/10/294).

Our core values are solidarity, participation, inclusion, sustainability, dignity, empowerment and human progress.

Workshops and Trainings conducted with children to identfy which problems they face whice fetching water this took place in the-1We want to see one day Mukono district free of poverty and HIV/AIDS, where all people can have access to potable water and children can attend and stay at school. We make this a reality by providing economic, educational opportunities and support which will empower disadvantaged groups of people: Families living in extreme poverty, children at risk of losing their parents due of HIV/AIDS, orphans, single mothers and elderly people.

1. To encourage, promote, and support economic activities and agricultural production in rural communities that will improve quality of life i.e. entrepreneurship, marketing techniques for small businesses, micro finance, and the implementation of income-generating activities (IGAs)
2. To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and mitigate its effects through programmes focused on counselling and guidance, educational trainings, and community outreach related to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), family planning, and life skills planning.
3. To build and strengthen the capacity of community groups in order to improve upon management and planning at the local level by providing education and leadership training.
4. To build and strengthen strategic partnerships to maximize and effect change.
5. To mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government, and donors so as to implement community programs.

Shadrak, Allen, David and the Cleint at the mushroom project in MukonoEACO provides physical and psychosocial support to marginalized and at-risk women, vulnerable children and orphans, youth and the elderly living in Mukono district. The organization seeks to empower women through economic development, which it achieves through education programmes, vocational training, and the provision of health care.
EACO interventions focus on poverty reduction and address the effects of HIV/AIDS. A majority of vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly.

Mukono DistrictEACO is currently working in Mukono, Buikwe District and in Maracha district. EACO is compelled by the desperate circumstances facing this population and believes that by investing in economic development and improving health, education, these vulnerable individuals can be empowered to seize new opportunities and broaden their horizons for a brighter future.

EACO has developed capacity in areas of program implementation over a long period of time. With expertise alongside our vision & mission it’s certain we are a dependable organization to implement more projects.

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