Food Security And Nutrition

Our School and Community Organic Garden Program is incorporated in to a number of schools in Mukono, Uganda.
In collaboration with these schools, EACO has established many organic gardens that encourage students and teachers to learn modern farming methods. They are taught new skills that will enable them to farm the land in a productive and sustainable way. These skills are then passed onto their families, therefore transforming the previous Ugandan lifestyle of mere subsistence farming. We need volunteers and Donors to link up with us.

The project called School and Community Organic Garden Project, here we look at the food security and Nutrition for Children and women, under this project we look at
• Evaluation of indigenous food systems of Mukono community to access nutrition of local foods.
• Develop dietary recommendations from indigenous foods for overall health of Mukono community.
• Sustainable vegetable production for food and nutrition needs of schools of Mukono District.
• Develop a plan for potential school lunch program to ensure nutritional balance in primary school.
• Develop resources to educate pregnant and nursing mothers about nutrition for a healthy mother and child.