Mukono widows get window of hope

EACO trains clients in income generating activities like poultry farming, mushroom, vegetable, and banana growing. The women are also taught entrepreneurial skills like making art and crafts and shop keeping. So far 70 widows and elderly women have benefitted from EACO projects.

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Reliable Water Access Improves Women’s Empowerment

This project basically aims at providing accessible clean and safe water for everyone in the community of Kyampisi Namanganga village for a better and healthy life.

Water supply, sanitation ,and health are closely related. Poor hygiene, inadequate quantities and quality of drinking water, and lack of sanitation facilities cause millions of the world’s poorest people to die from preventable diseases each year. Women and children are the main victims. More is on this link.

Grateful Acknowledgments

Thank you Just A Drop and Travel 2 for this water source.

We have been spending hours walking to locations miles away in order to fetch water for household needs – more so when we experience massive droughts, but now we have water.

The community is very happy for this borehole.

Working to Abolish Child Sacrifice in Uganda

Child Sacrifice has turned into a business

There is growing concern among the Ugandan public and child protection practitioners about the persistent reports of child sacrifice and trafficking which are manifested through kidnaps, abduction, murder and disappearance of children.

The heinous practice of child sacrifice has been linked to a range of other forms of child abuses including trafficking, kidnap and abduction.

It is believed that the practice of child sacrifice has slowly turned into a clandestine business involving traditional healers and business men. Both parties are after obtaining quick wealth.

More is onto this link.