The US Embassy in Uganda-Kampala granted EACO’s Income Generating Program in 2009-2010, through its Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program. The grant funded the seeds, poultry and pigs that have been distributed by EACO to 20 widows in Mukono County.


The International Justice Mission protects widows, orphans and other vulnerable individuals from illegal property seizure in Mukono, Uganda. IJM provides support to EACO, sharing its knowledge and expertise.


Just a Drop and Travel2 funded a water and sanitation project, benefiting Over 1,000 households and 5,500 people.

HumaneAfricaEACO and HumaneAfrica have been working together in partnership on issues relating to child mutilation/sacrifice since November 2011. We have recently completed a research on this issue with funding from Save the Children, the British High Commission and the Norwegian Embassy in Kampala. This partnership has been strengthened during this period and has resulted in our collective commitment to work together as a consortium on this issue.

Safe-World-Field-Partners-LogoSafe World provides its partners with a ‘window to the world’, helping to raise their profile, give them a voice and to connect them with potential funders. Supporters can donate online to EACO via Safe World’s Paypal account.

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