The US Embassy in Uganda-Kampala granted EACO’s Income Generating Program in 2009-2010, through its Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program. The grant funded the seeds, poultry and pigs that have been distributed by EACO to 20 widows in Mukono County also funded the Bee keeping project through the Community Grants


The International Justice Mission protects widows, orphans and other vulnerable individuals from illegal property seizure in Mukono, Uganda. IJM provides support to EACO, sharing its knowledge and expertise.


Just a Drop and Travel2 funded a water and sanitation project, benefiting Over 1,000 households and 5,500 people.

VVF_Logo With funding from Vibrant Village Foundation, EACO has constructed and repair boreholes in the villages of Namasumbi, Nabale and Nyanja and trained residents in borehole maintenance and repair to ensure sustainability. EACO also conducts sanitation and hygiene education classes for villagers

Safe-World-Field-Partners-LogoSafe World provides its partners with a ‘window to the world’, helping to raise their profile, give them a voice and to connect them with potential funders. Supporters can donate online to EACO via Safe World’s Paypal account.

ktf logoKitchen Table Charities Trust Website: Website, Has funded Reinstating four, collapsed, out of use clean water wells and establishing a regular inspection and maintenance programme in rural Mukono and now

DWD LOGWith Funding from DWG we repaired and constructed one borehole at Namanganga and this project has improved health and saved lives, of many people in this region, especially by reducing incidences of diarrheal disease in children. Women are having time to concentrate on their income generating projects, boys and girls will have better opportunities for education.

partner-of-susana-logoMembers to Suzan in the field of Water and here EACO receive trainings on all aspects of the project including hygiene promotion, construction of latrines, repairing boreholes, WASH, besides that they will learn The links between water, sanitation and health, The nature of, and the threats posed by, environmental diseases, The importance and main elements of hygiene-promotion and The complexity in delivering safe water and sanitation in an emergency.

Irise logEmpower and Care Organization EACO with Irise International works to support the education and empowerment of marginalised women and girls specifically through developing a replicable and sustainable solution to Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

logo omprakashSince 2004, they have been dedicated to building mutually beneficial & educational relationships between grassroots social impact organizations and EACO is working with Omprakash to empower the communities in need of social

log EU CANWith Funding from Eu Can Aid we are repairing and constructing one borehole and this is going to help improve health and save lives, of many people in this region, especially by reducing incidences of diarrheal disease in children. By improving health, boys and girls will have better opportunities for education.

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