Restoring Hope for the Marginalized

This program targets vulnerable people widows, orphans, and children living with their caretakers. EACO’s Restoring Hope Program includes activities related to:
Ensuring food security by supplying garden tools and seeds;
Medical services to grandmothers; like provision of mosquito nets and dosage for vitamin and de-worming
Youth Empowerment
HIV/AIDS sensitization.
Scholastic materials and midday school meals.
“Top-up” of school fees as needed.
Construction of houses; and bore holes to the needy communities.
Counseling and guidance and grandmothers on HIV/AIDS, family

Health: primary medical services, as provision of mosquito nets, and dosages for vitamin and deworming medicines

Food security: supplying garden tools and seeds

Education: provision of scholar materials, school meals and complementation of school fees


Water and sanitation: construction of boreholes and construction of ventilated latrine,
The objective of this project is to make clean water accessible within 1 kilometer for 100% of the people in rural Mukono.

By constructing and repairing fresh water wells throughout rural areas of Mukono, EACO will bring relief to thousands of residents, including those in surrounding communities.

Right now we have 40 boreholes which need urgent repair. These wells collapsed and no longer in use they need to be reinstalled and repaired, currently children and women are collecting water from swamps which are used by wild animals and far away from their communities, dangers of rape, child sacrifice, snakes, Typhoid are high, stand with us and we give these communities safe and clean water.


Housing: provision of construction materials

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