Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

There is limited awareness and education of proper sanitation and hygiene techniques in rural Uganda. Most households in rural areas defecate in the open or have access to latrines that pollute the soil and attract flies spreading avoidable diseases.
Children too are being affected with the lack of water and sanitation. It is affecting their schooling the most. Girls have to share toilet facilities with boys. Many of them have end up dropping out of school. Discrimination against women due to gender ends up violating their rights and undermining their health and well-being, along with crippling the development of individual woman’s status.

The WASH Project into our Communities of Mukono involves schools and Communities in need of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation. Our communities receive trainings on all aspects of the project including hygiene promotion, construction of latrines, repairing boreholes, WASH, besides that they learn The links between water, sanitation and health, The nature of, and the threats posed by, environmental diseases, The importance and main elements of hygiene-promotion and The complexity in delivering safe water and sanitation in an emergency.
EACO wants to make clean water accessible within 1 kilometer for 100% of the people in rural Mukono. By constructing and repairing fresh water wells throughout rural areas of Mukono, EACO will bring relief to thousands of residents, including those in surrounding communities.